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 99 Cooking Guide

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PostSubject: 99 Cooking Guide   Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:45 pm

My first guide! hopes it help you guys.

first do shrimps to lvl 15.
than do trout to lvl 25.
than do salmon its going very fast.
if u do i badpack salmon ur around lvl 40-45.
than do lobsters.
train lobsters to lvl 60+ else u burn to much swordies.
than swordies to lvl 85 else u burn to much sharks, and than are swordies more xp.
than train sharks to lvl 88-90.
at lvl 89-90 train sea turtles to lvl 97-98.
than u dont burn the sea turtles anymore.
at lvl 97 -98 u can cook manta's without burning
make sure u got cook gloves

Good luck on 99 Cooking!
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99 Cooking Guide
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